Personal Trainer


As the senior fitness specialist at The Lake Merritt, Lance Velasquez develops individual exercise programs and hands-on instruction for 
all our residents.

“We have a lot of fun and meet three times a week for group fitness,” Lance said.  “Currently we’ve been starting our sessions with a group mobility warm-up.  We play with a bouncy ball as a group and it helps work hand and eye coordination and warms up various muscle groups too.   When we’re together working as a group, I ask residents to share ‘what is the best thing that happened to them that day.’  The residents are always prepared to answer that question which means to me that they are thinking about their best point of each day before they see me.  These sharings offer us all a positive way of thinking.  Group warm-ups are very enjoyable.  They are a real community builder.  We enjoy a certain satisfaction when everyone is moving together.”

“Two of our weekly sessions continue with a concentration on building strength and endurance,” Lance said. “We use resistance bands, body weights and dumbbells. I enjoy customizing a plan for each person and helping them gain greater upper body strength with different kinds of movement. The focus of our third meeting each week is posture and balance. It’s great because improving posture helps with range of motion and balance. Plus people can work on this throughout their day. In class we frequently sit on chairs and work on the mechanics of posture and improve our mobility by ‘walking tall and standing straight.’ It is so rewarding! I’m proud and amazed at what our residents have achieved!” Lance explained.

Our residents agree!

“I feel more comfortable going up and down stairs.”
“My balance is getting better.”
“I can carry my bags from CVS and don't have to worry about taking a break!”

“My experience with the older adults at The Lake Merritt – Independent Senior Living has changed the way I see the world when I leave the community,” Lance continued. “When I see an older adult at a store or doing something that is challenging, I know how much effort it can sometimes takes. I find I have much more compassion for older adults, based on my experience working with the wonderful people at The Lake Merritt.”

A former chef, Lance Velasquez has followed his dream to become a personal trainer. He has won numerous competitions and achieved a variety of fitness certifications. Among his recent distinctions are: Russian Kettlebell Certification, Level 1 Crossfit Certification, and Rob Wolf Nutrition Certification. He is currently pursuing his Level 2 Strongfirst Certificate.

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