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The Lake Merritt's Public Programs

We’re proud to present a variety of events which are open to the public and designed to be of special interest to Bay Area older adults and our residents.

Frequently our presenters include distinguished medical professionals and researchers, wellness coaches and top-notch care givers. We also present programs by local historians, naturalists and others who are happy to share their expertise with us.

Our goal is to provide our residents and friends with relevant information which enriches their life experience.

January 12th @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
Becoming a U.S. Citizen in 2016: An Immigrant’s Perspective
by Lynda Letona 

2016 will be a year etched in memory for its political pyrotechnics and incendiary language against minorities. Lynda Letona will touch upon the year from the perspective of a newly minted citizen. Her years long journey to attain citizenship will discuss the hope, the setbacks, and the narrative frameworks immigrants internalize or reject from a culture that places great demands upon its adopted citizens. Join her for a media experience that will enhance your understanding of the citizenship process through the immigrant’s mind. Lynda was born in Guatemala, raised in L.A., and schooled in the Midwest. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Library Science.

January 19th @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
Song and Dance Men of the Silver Screen: Fred Astaire
by Bonnie Weiss

Fred Astaire certainly doesn’t look like a classic Hollywood leading man. “Skinny, balding, and a bad chin line” is how casting directors described him. But one producer thought Fred’s flair, charm, and elegantly stylish dance moves would overcome any of his physical imperfections, and signed him to a contract. The rest is history. In this presentation you'll see Fred performing with many costars, including his most celebrated dance partner, Ginger Rodgers, and you’ll enjoy some remarkable solo numbers as well. What’s more, you’ll discover why composers like Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, and George Gershwin loved to have Fred sing their songs. You'll also learn about Fred’s childhood and early success with his sister Adele.

January 26th @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
Perception and Deception: A Mind Opening Journey Across Cultures
by Joe Lurie

Joe Lurie’s international award-winning book for multi-cultural nonfiction is about the confusion and clarity that can result from cross-cultural exchange. He will join us to discuss this funny, eye opening and “indispensable” (former Foreign Correspondent and Managing Editor for the Financial Times of London David Lennon) read. It offers readers a wealth of revealing and important intercultural insights from Lurie’s decades living abroad, his Peace Corps experiences and his 20 years as Executive Director of UC Berkeley’s International House. Joe’s powerful and unforgettable stories illustrate culture clashes and misunderstanding in personal, business, religious and political encounters. Perception and Deception unveils discoveries that are increasingly essential in our globalized, often polarized world.  Discounted signed books will be available for $10- per copy.

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