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The Lake Merritt's Public Programs

We’re proud to present a variety of events which are open to the public and designed to be of special interest to Bay Area older adults and our residents.

Frequently our presenters include distinguished medical professionals and researchers, wellness coaches and top-notch care givers. We also present programs by local historians, naturalists and others who are happy to share their expertise with us.

Our goal is to provide our residents and friends with relevant information which enriches their life experience.

June 1st @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
Free Individual Screenings with Connect Hearing
By Joanne Brenner

In the second of a two-part series, representatives from Connect Hearing will hold free individual hearing screenings at The Lake Merritt. They will be happy to discuss your specific questions and issues related to hearing during a 15-minute private session. Time slots are filling up quickly! Please call the Lake Merritt's concierge to schedule your free appointment time. We are holding these screenings in lieu of our usual public presentation.

June 8th @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
Song and Dance Men of The Silver Screen: Donald O'Connor
By Bonnie Weiss

Join Bonnie Weiss (M.A.) a seasoned theater educator and writer, to dig into a treasure trove of stories and rare videos of Donald O'Connor, an underappreciated star of the silver screen.

O'Connor is best known for his tour-de-force performance of "Make 'Em Laugh" in the hit movie musical Singin' in the Rain and for his series of Francis the Talking Mule films. In addition to cutting a rug in several Universal musicals of the 1940s, he had featured roles in many of the big Hollywood musicals of the 50's, including Call Me Madam, There's No Business Like Show Business and Anything Goes.

Besides being a superb dancer, fine actor and consummate clown, O'Connor is the only Hollywood song and dance man who possessed such a fine singing voice that he could have had a separate career as a crooner. After seeing this presentation, you may well agree that Donald deserved much more recognition for his talent than he actually received. But, as they say, "That's show biz."

June 14th @ 7:45pm
Passages on the Lake
The Terrace Room Restaurant & Bar
Presented by The Lake Merritt & Paul Corman Roberts

This event is a sophisticated, spoken word showcase featuring the most talented storytellers, writers, and musicians in the Bay Area.  Admission for this event is free. The program begins at 7:45pm. Enjoy dinner or cocktails with a stunning view of Lake Merritt while enjoying the very cutting edge of an old art form in a new medium. The Terrace Room Restaurant & Bar is located in The Lake Merritt. We open for dinner at 5pm.Please come back early next week for the listing of performers

J de Salvo is a proud native of Los Angeles. His poetry, fiction, and articles have been published extensively in print and online. He is the editor and publisher of the Bicycle Reviewand the Pedestrian Press. He lives in Oakland, CA.

Anna Davidson is an award winning performance poet from Seattle WA, recently relocated to Oakland CA.

Laura Zink lives in Oakland, California. She is a Beast Crawl organizer and an editor for Oakland Review and MARY: A Journal of New Writing. Her recent fiction has appeared in Broad River Review, Full of Crow, sPARKLE & bLINK, and the Naked Bulb 2016 Summer Anthology.

Kay Nilsson is a poet performer currently attending the University of San Francisco. He has performed at slams and poetry readings all over the Bay Area. He has featured as a literary performer at the Queer Rebels Performance Festival, the legendary SF Queer Open Mic, KQED’s Literary Hour with LitCrawl, the Lunada Literary Lounge with Galería de la Raza, The News at Soma Arts Center, and was one of the featured poets for the ¿Donde Esta Mi Gente? Latino Spoken Word and Poetry Festival in San Francisco.

Vanessa Rochelle Lewis is a queer, lush-bodied, Black, femme performance artist, writer, actress, filmmaker, educator, facilitator, orator and Faerie Princess Mermaid Gangsta for The Revolution. She is the former Senior Editor for Everyday Feminism and Black Girl Dangerous, has taught in California Community Colleges since 2009, and uses a combination of memoir, poetry, theatre, and feminist storytelling to advance her politix of radical love, socioeconomic justice, anti-racism, community accountability, critical reflection, love, healing, and liberation. She loves romantic songs, romantic films, romantic books, romantic conversations, romantic friendships, and writing long, vulnerable, passionate facebook statuses about romance.


June 15th @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
The Paper Chase
By Dana Arkinzadeh

Overwhelmed by paper? Never quite sure what you really need to keep and for how long? Get the answers you need to feel at peace with paper from local professional organizer Dana Arkinzadeh of DMA Organizing. She’ll explain how to decide what to keep and what to toss and how to set up systems to keep things organized.

As a professional organizer in the Bay Area for 15 years, Dana Arkinzadeh from DMA Organizing & Moves has dealt with just about every organizing challenge there is! From making the most of closet and storage spaces to knowing just what papers to keep and toss, Dana has the answers you need to live more efficiently and enjoyably.

June 22nd @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
Be Yourself, Change The World (A Pride talk)
By Genuine and Personal HomeCare

In honor of Gay Pride Month, Kevin and Kenneth from Genuine and Personal HomeCare will highlight several LGBTQ seniors whose courage and determination to be their authentic selves in the face of immense odds resulted in their literally changing the world. They will also ask what role we can all play in creating a safe place for LGBTQ seniors to be themselves.

Genuine and Personal HomeCare is one of the United States' only care agencies tailored specifically to the needs and interests of LGBTQ seniors.

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