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The Lake Merritt's Public Programs

We’re proud to present a variety of events which are open to the public and designed to be of special interest to Bay Area older adults and our residents.

Frequently our presenters include distinguished medical professionals and researchers, wellness coaches and top-notch care givers. We also present programs by local historians, naturalists and others who are happy to share their expertise with us.

Our goal is to provide our residents and friends with relevant information which enriches their life experience.

June 2nd @ 3:30pm
Conversations on The Lake
An Especially Consequential Election: Placing the 2016 Elections in Historical Context
Presented by Professor David Peritz

The 2016 election holds the potential to deliver the control of the entire Federal Government to one of the two major parties. At the same time, as we witness the unanticipated success of outsider candidates like Trump, Cruz and Sanders, it seems clear that, for better or worse, populism has returned with a vengeance to American politics. What changes in American society and politics are driving this populist resurgence? Will the left or the right be more likely to benefit? Are there opportunities for systemic reform contained in our unsettled politics?

This lecture by Professor David Peritz will trace the roots of the current populist wave to recent sociopolitical changes in order to illuminate its sources and crosscutting political potentials.

June 9th @ 3:30pm
Conversations on The Lake
Hearing in Difficult Situations
Presented by Steve Sells

Do you hear but not understand? Steve Sells is a hearing-impaired engineer who has spent ten years learning about hearing loss and how to cope with it. He will explain what makes hearing and understanding speech difficult, some things hearing aids can and cannot do for you, and some things beyond hearing aids to help you hear better, especially ways of getting the speaker's voice right into your ears. Topics to be covered include what T-coils are and how they work, room loops, several applications of neckloops, and wireless microphones. And also, what the limitations of all these methods are. He hopes to give you a new perspective on your own challenges with hearing.

June 16th @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
Aging with Pride
Presented by Kevin Pete & Kenneth Boozer

In honor of SF Pride, which will take place on June 25th and 26th, we are excited to welcome Kevin Pete and Kenneth Boozer of Genuine & Personal Homecare. They will look back at the trailblazing contributions of the LGBTQ senior community and discuss their unique role in creating safe and welcoming environments that allow LGBTQ seniors to Age with Pride. Genuine & Personal Homecare aims to provide compassionate care for LGBT seniors who want to age in place.

June 30th @ 3:30pm
Conversations on the Lake
Author Talk: I Married A Munster: My Life with “Grandpa” Al Lewis
Presented by Karen Ingenthron Lewis

Karen Ingenthron Lewis will discuss and read from her recently published memoir, I Married A Munster: My Life with “Grandpa” Al Lewis.  Karen is an Oakland resident and veteran actor with many stage credits, and a founding member of the Berkeley Repertory Theatre. She was married to Al Lewis, the well-known and beloved “Grandpa Munster,” for over 20 years. During that time, they acted together and were also socially and politically active through their public affairs radio program on WBAI-NY.

Not your typical Hollywood memoir, Karen’s story is not only an epic love story rich with comedy, tragedy and transformation, but an intimate revelation of the behind-the-scenes life of two people.


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